Food for Thought

Yawn: Some Thoughts About Sleep

Are you experiencing middle of the night sleeplessness when you'd hoped or expected to sleep a solid 8 hours or more? Do you toss and turn, trying to return to sleep and fail to do so? And does this make you feel anxious, worried or even panicked? If so, you might be interested in the information that follows... Read More

Beginning Couple Therapy:
Helping Couples Attain Emotional Fluency

Many couples come to couple therapy without the expressive skills necessary to maximally benefit from marital work. The early stages of couple therapy provide an opportunity for them to learn how to put their feelings into words and to acquire skills that facilitate emotional connection. In the model presented here, the drive to connect to another person is understood as the most basic of psychological and physiological drives... Read More

Contemporary Marriage:
From the Ideal to the Real

Have you noticed that the words "work" and "marriage" now commonly occur in the same sentence? Do you remember when they didn't? If you're less than 35 years old or thereabouts, you probably don't remember a time when those words weren't joined. That's because chances are that you were raised in a companionate marriage... Read More

Relationship Guidelines

The guidelines that follow are offered as something to which you can aspire. They are neither rules to obey nor measures of the health of your relationship... Read More

Managing Anxiety

Most of us get anxious. And most, if not all our anxiety is caused by our efforts to control the uncontrollable. There are three useful strategies that can help to minimize these feelings... Read More